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Reliable Copper Sulphate Manufacturers in China

Welcome to China’s most renowned and reputable copper sulphate manufacturers in China, pharmaceutical package groups, and pharmaceutical products.

For over a decade, we as industrial copper sulfate manufacturer, have been providing pharmaceutical and chemical services to clients worldwide, with a particular focus on South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, etc.) and the CIS countries (Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Lithuania, etc.).

We, as China Copper Sulphate manufacturers, are often our clients’ first choice due to our experiences in large-scale production and international market sales. We, as top copper sulphate manufacturers, have been eager to collaborate with your prestigious organization.

Rich Background as China Copper Sulphate Manufacturers

As China copper sulphate manufacturers, we provide a wide range of sulfates, copper salts, and trace element additions included in our product catalog. These goods are mainly utilized in the animal feed, pesticide, agricultural fertilizer, wastewater treatment, flotation reagent, and catalyst sectors.

Competitive Cost

Naturally, to be in business, you must price your items competitively. Having been in operation since 2002, we are well-versed in this. But we, as zinc oxide and copper sulphate manufacturers in China, also know that adding value above and beyond pricing is necessary if you want to succeed in business.

Superior Support

We, as industrial copper sulfate manufacturer, don’t think that general fixes are possible. Therefore, we always start by getting an understanding of your needs before attempting to give advice or put up a price. We, as top copper sulphate manufacturers, take the time to discuss your priorities in a supply partnership. 


Is natural copper sulfate present?
It is formed when copper minerals in specific geological conditions react with sulfur and oxygen.
What is the ordinary usage of copper sulphate?
In daily life, copper sulfate is useful for several reasons. This, including insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide applications in agriculture.
What is the duration of the copper sulfate solution?
A copper sulfate solution may store for a long time and remain useful for several years. As long as it is in proper storage and not dirty.

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