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Leading Labsa Manufacturers In China

Labsa manufacturers in China is a business that designs and produces manufacturing equipment for the fine chemical sector. Its primary business is the development and production of fine chemical equipment for the following applications: Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfonate (SLES/AES), Sodium Alpha-Olefins Sulfonate (AOS), Lauryl Sodium Sulfate (K12), Methyl Ester Sulfate (MES), and Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA/LABS). We, as industrial labsa manufacturers, also produce other chemical plants, such as powder plants, liquid detergent plants, soap production lines, and so forth.

Our Innovations as Industrial LABSA Manufacturers

  • Easily and precisely regulate each tube’s amount of organic feed.
  • The secondary protection wind technology improves productivity and product quality by us as Titanium dioxide and industrial labsa Mmnufacturers¬† controlling the peak temperature and expanding the cooling area during reaction.
  • Using a circular baffle rather than a baffle with a 1/4 gap can increase the cooling impact and heat transfer coefficients.
  • A cooling water leak into organic raw material can be prevented by individual feed pipes for raw materials.

We, as labsa manufacturers in China, have provided services to over 100 clients worldwide since 1992. We enjoy a stellar reputation in the marketplace both here and abroad.


Why does LABSA decompose naturally?
It may be broken down naturally by microbes into simpler, non-toxic molecules.
What is LABSA’s acidity?
When dissolved in water, LABSA generally has an acidic pH of between 1 and 2.
What will take LABSA’s place?
Alkyl Polyglucosides (APGs), non-ionic surfactants made from renewable resources like coconut oil and maize starch, are a popular substitute for LABSA.

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