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China Wholesale Zinc Oxide Manufacturers

Founded in 2008, leading zinc oxide manufacturers in China are situated in Hubei Province’s Laohekou Technology Industrial Park. Its head office is in the picturesque city of Jinan. The company owns nearly 20 acres, and employs over 80 people, the majority of whom have advanced degrees. We, as China zinc oxide manufacturers, have 12 technicians in our plant and laboratory who oversee all R&D and wholesale zinc oxide.

Being an ISO 9001-certified firm, our primary focus is on manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, synthetic intermediates, and certain materials for the dye industry at competitive prices. Therefore, approximately half of our products are exported. We, as leading zinc oxide manufacturers, provide OEM (customized) manufacturers for intermediates. Please let us know if you are unable to locate any materials worldwide. However, we will conduct research and manufacture China wholesale zinc oxide in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Leading Zinc Oxide Manufacturers in China

Our commitment as leading zinc oxide manufacturers is to provide our clients with high-quality Sodium Laureth Sulfate wholesale zinc oxide. To reciprocal assistance and win-win outcomes! Also, our laboratory creates the distinctive products PAC LV API Grade and F-Seal. All of them have high performance and are less expensive. Thus, to satisfy the demands of the majority of clients. Customized products and packaging may satisfy our clients’ wide range of needs.

The specifications have received acclaim from both local and foreign clients and fulfill all international requirements as China zinc oxide pigment manufacturers. Our goods are certified by SGS, ISO, Kosher, Intertek, and more. To ensure quality control, we conduct stringent testing at a reputable laboratory for every batch. We, as zinc oxide manufacturers in China, oversee every step of the process to guarantee the quality of our goods and services.


Why is zinc oxide unique?
Zinc oxide is unique in that it may be used in a wide range of industrial processes, medications, paints, and sunscreens.
Does water and zinc oxide react?
In typical circumstances, zinc oxide and water do not react easily
Is zinc oxide a gas or a solid?
Under normal temperature and pressure, zinc oxide is a solid. However, under normal environmental circumstances, it remains in its solid state and exists as a white powder.

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